Solo trip tips for Walt Disney World.

So I am taking inspiration from writing a silly long email for my friends Alan and Charlie for their up coming Walt Disney World trip.

I will write up a whole blog series on it but I thought I would share some tips and tricks for anyone considering doing a solo trip or wanting to do a few things by yourself at Walt Disney World.

Going solo can be daunting and believe me at first I was not a happy bunny but I got over it and actually I learned to love it and embrace it. I actually found there were things I wouldn’t of done before if I hadn’t of gone solo most of my trip.

I am going to break this post into segments so you can skip ahead.


I found no issue on using the my magic+ app on the day to book resturant spaces for myself and that did include Be Our Guest resturant. I did find Cinderellas Royal Table come up too but I chickened out on solo dining with princesses.

The top places I found to eat solo was Yak and Yeti, Animal Kingdom both quick service and table service and Katsura Grill in Epcot is the ultimate choice for a solo trip goer needing food.

Reason why Katsura Grill is the best for solo trip goers, each time I ventured in for a meal there were other solo trip goers! It wasn’t packed with families and actually is a peaceful place to eat especially as you can watch Illuminations from the terrace.

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice and Green Tea from Katsura Grill

Teriyaki Chicken, Rice and Green Tea Cheesecake from Katsura Grill

If you are nervous at going to restaurants by yourself then hit up your counter service at your resort hotel and ask for it to be boxed up. I did this a few times and could eat my dinner in my pjs while watching the TLC channel. It was glorious.

Also grab snacks in the parks if you are too nervous for a meal. No one will stare at you eating Mickey Pretzels or Dole Whips and if they do it’s because they want one too!


There are only 3 rides in the entire of the Walt Disney World property that have single rider queues are Aerosmith Rock’n’Roller Coaster – Hollywood Studios, Expedition Everest – Animal Kingdom and Test Track – Epcot.

I only did Single Rider for Test Track which was a 40 minute wait for general but I got on in less than 15 minutes and then Expedition Everest multiple times and getting on within less than 5 to 10 minutes during 30 to 50 minute general wait times.

Aerosmith during my trip honestly didn’t need to be solo queued as the queues were no more than 15 minutes during my visits and that’s my only reason I didn’t do it.

One massive tip is listen out in the queue several times during my rides like Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, Snow White Mine Train etc they were calling out for solo riders! So I got to skip infront of the queue by at least 2 – 5 minutes in places.

Also I don’t know if it was because I was solo or just pure luck I got a lot of red cards. At least 10 during my 14 day trip!


Top tip: Play a game with how many red cards you can get in a day. I got 4 in one day!

The only ride I would say skip if you do feel awkward going solo is Grand Fiesta Tour in World Showcase, Epcot. I got sat in the front row by myself. It was awkward. So very awkward on a packed out boat.

Pools and Waterparks

So I stayed at Art of Animation in The Little Mermaid area. The pool in that section is perfect for a solo goer. It’s generally more quiet than the Finding Nemo pool and less full of small kiddies. I ended up having a swim, reading my kindle and making friends while sunbathing.

I also did Typhoon Lagoon with someone who just wanted to sit on the beach so I did all the rides and pools by myself. The only issue came up was I didn’t realise Gang Plank Falls was a group ride but I ended up with a group of ladies who were nice at least!

Here’s me after I discovered I shouldn’t of gone so deep into the wave pool as I’m super terrible at swimming.

-44832804461353__304x540-RGB_565-251592263My big top tip for this is if your doing the pool solo then take a book and drink, relax and chat to the people next to you if they seem super friendly.

Typhoon Lagoon just treat it like the theme parks. Do ALL the rides but sadly there is no perks to skip the queues for being solo.

Character Meets

So I was a tad rubbish this trip as I only met a few characters by myself, to be honest I prefer meeting characters with other people. But I did go meet Gaston, never say no to meeting Gaston. He will sass you just as much as he would if you were in a group


Top tip: If you want the best character experience wear Mickey Ears, Disneybound or wear a t-shirt with their face on it. It can help you if you are shy or lost for words. Or just meet Gaston as he will do all the talking for you.

Travelling Around The Parks

So I am not going to lie when I say I park hopped pretty much most days. I loved park hopping and abusing the bus and monorail. Next trip I am trying out the boat as I plan to go to Polynesian for Tonga Toast.

The buses were nice and save and I was travelling from 7am until gone midnight to and from the resort. My parents will probably have kittens at the idea I did that solo but these buses are run by Disney and you are super safe.

I walked from my hotel room to reception late at night and it was totally safe. The only thing you need to watch out for is little lizards and frogs on the pavement!

If you do feel a bit worried then let someone know where you are going and get them to check in on you.

People at Disney

I found a lot of people so super friendly and nice to chat too. I found a lot of the Americans wanted to chat about England and where I got all my Primark Disney stuff from.

I met loads of wonderful people but one of the people who stood out was a lovely lady I met at the ariel pool who I went for dinner with, Typhoon Lagoon and have a couple of cocktails to unwind.

I only came across only 2 rude couples who tried to chat to me on the bus and both apparrently couldn’t understand my accent and tried to tell me what England is really like. I did learn that apparrently England is full of cottages, farms and Irish people. WHO KNEW.

I mostly found it was teenagers being rude when I vlogged. It happend more than 6 times and actually really annoyed me having teenagers swearing behind me and generally being meh. That was the worst issue I came across my entire trip.

Top Tip: If someone chats to you just chat back. You might end up being a friend for life. My lovely lady I met I am hopefully seeing her in August as she is coming to London!


So I get super emotional during Disneyland Paris Dreams and I knew I would be an emotional mess for Wishes and I didn’t want to do this solo. So I skipped properly watching Wishes apart from Hallowishes and ChristmasWishes.

However I did watch the Wishes Fireworks from New Fantasyland and actually think this is a super underated place to watch fireworks. It was a great place to take pictures and a nice atmosphere. I would say the Tangled area was my favourite part. -44847292801883__405x720-ARGB_8888955879209-44847305336849__720x405-ARGB_8888228104828Top tip: if you are an emotional fool like me and not sure you can handle Wishes solo then go watch it from a different area of the park. I am definately watching Wishes again from New Fantasyland and the Tangled Area with my friends and boyfriend in October.

In Summary

I would do this again solo. I am actually worried that my next trip my friends and other half will question me why I want to go Splash Mountain 6 times in a row or why I want to venture Animal Kingdom just to get myself honey chicken and fruit punch from Yak and Yeti. However I think solo park tripping should be only for a limited few days. It does get a tad lonely even though you are having fun.

If you have any questions let me know and I am happy to answer them!

Opps no updates since 2014?!

A lot of things have happened since the last up date on this site! I promise there will be regular posts happening especially now I got steady hours at work.

Since the last post there have been many of a disney adventure. Last year me and Carrie went to the Cinderella movie exhibition in Leicester Square. I had my first trip to Walt Disney World where I got to go to both Mickeys Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickeys Very Merry Christmas Party. I have another trip planned for Walt Disney World this year for just Halloween time and again next year for Halloween/Christmas! Also trying to make sure I get to Disneyland Paris for the 25th anniversary next year as I have not returned since 2014.

Carrie has been super busy, she is preparing to get married!!! She has been a busy bee with comissions, running sewing classes and actually physically running. (I wish I had that amount of energy)

We sadly don’t get as much time together as we like as we live pretty far apart from eachother and a very costly train ride away. But we regularly call eachother and fangirl, gossip and plot things.
I’ve also been making a lot of hair bows, ribbons, bowties and lots of other things that are perfect trinkets for your next trip to Disney/Endor. (Post to come with pictures and stuff)

I am setting up blogs to posts to go up 3 times a week! They should be online Sunday, Wednesday and Fridays. Our youtube channel will be getting updates in the next few weeks once I get my laptop screen fixed as my boyfriends laptop cannot handle video editing software. As I got a tour of the hotel Art of Animation and many other exciting things to come!

Have a magical day





Disney @ London Comic Con Gallery


This gallery contains 36 photos.

Now that you’ve watched the video from Comic Con here are the photos! Just click on the image to see the full photo. Are you in our photos? Let us know! Carrie x

Disney Meetup @ London Comic Con Oct ’14 Video

It seems it didn’t take me as long to sort the video out this time! Only two weeks later and here it is! The Magic and the Mouse team attended Comic Con at the Excel Centre in London in October and made an appearance at the Disney Meetup on the Saturday afternoon. Photo gallery will be up soon!

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Comment if you spotted yourself! And make sure to be at the next Comic Con in London next May!

Carrie x

Disney at MCM Comic Con May 2014 Video

Finally managed to get this video done! Just in time for the next Comic Con! We attended this one back in May and tried to film as many Disney cosplayers as we could find.

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The Magic and the Mouse will be at the next Comic Con in London, 24th-26th October. If you’re planning on turning up in Disney costume you may end up in our next video!

Carrie x

Fashion Friday: Whats On The High Street

Want to fill your wardrobe with Disney for the summer? Well look no further! We’ve done all the work to find you some of the best pieces available here in the UK, and most of these are available on the High Street. 2014 has been a good year so far for Disney fashion, lets hope it continues! Just click on the image to be taken to the product page.


Jersey Top £7.99

The Little Mermaid Style Crop Top

Mickey Mouse Oversiezed Top £9.95

Mickey Mouse Oversiezed Top

Mickey Mouse Oversized Top £9.95

Mickey Mouse Oversized Top

Mickey Mouse Nightdress £7.99

Mickey Mouse Nightdress


Bambi Sleep Tee £20.00 £7.00

Bambi Sleep Tee
£20.00 £7.00

Forever 21

The Little Mermaid style "Under the Sea" top. £9.50

The Little Mermaid Style “Under the Sea” Tee

The Little Mermaid Tee £10.50

The Little Mermaid Tee

Mickey Mouse Crop Tee £11.50

Mickey Mouse Crop Tee

The Lion King Tank Top £10.50

The Lion King Tank Top

Mickey Mouse Crop Tee £10.50

Mickey Mouse Crop Tee

The Little Mermaid Style "I'm Really a Mermaid" Tee £10.50

The Little Mermaid Style “I’m Really a Mermaid” Tee

Metallic Mickey Mouse Muscle Tee £11.50

Metallic Mickey Mouse Muscle Tee

Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts £11.50

Mickey Mouse Biker Shorts

River Island

Minnie Mouse Joggers £25.00 £10.00

Minnie Mouse Joggers
£25.00 £10.00

New Look

Mickey Mouse T-Shirt £12.99

Mickey Mouse T-Shirt

Minnie Mouse Vest £12.99

Minnie Mouse Vest


Various Tees £9.90

Various Tees

Thats about it for this week! Make sure to follow the Instagram for our personal Disney fashion pics and there will be another Fashion Friday post next week!

Carrie x

Disneyland Paris Jan ’14 Trip – Day Three Video

I’ve done it! I’ve finally finished the day three video of our trip to DLP earlier this year. This is the longest video because we packed a lot in! Here’s a look at some of the Disney fun you can see in this vid:

  • Early entry to the Disneyland Park.
  • Inside Sleeping Beauty’s castle.
  • A sneek peek at the Ratatouille area in construction.
  • Tons of face characters including Mulan, Ariel and Gaston.
  • Dinner at Cafe Mickey with characters including Mickey himself and a very artistic Goofy.

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Make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel for more videos from the Magic and the Mouse team in the future!

Carrie x

We’re almost there!

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I’ve been playing around a little with the site to try and get it in shape and ready for our first posts. Unfortunately Chevi’s laptop has broken so its up to me to get us started. While I get the last few bits configurated, and find a little bit of pixie dust to get us flying, why not watch the first two videos from our recent Disneyland Paris trip! The third video is exporting right now so keep an eye out for that too!

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See you soon!

Carrie x